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When you become a member of the largest national organization for chiropractors, you’re setting yourself apart and you deserve to be rewarded for your commitment. Student ACA members receive a suite of benefits designed to enhance your budding career.

Discover world-class resources and educational tools with ACA.


Create connections with ACA.

  • Receive member access to which includes fact sheets, infographics, comprehensive tools and practice resources that you can put to work immediately.
  • Experience top-notch education with Learn ACA, an ever-expanding lineup of online courses and webinars presented by world-class thought leaders. 
  • Prepare for practice with the New Doctor Toolkit, a package of business management and evidence-based courses designed to set you up for success.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest news and happenings in chiropractic with subscriptions to our weekly e-newsletter, ACA Connects.
  • Participate in local activities at the SACA chapter at your school. Get to know fellow chiropractic students who are dedicated to patient-centered care. 
  • Carry those same relationships into NextGen – our enthusiastic and engaged group of new practitioner members.
  • Join the conversation with MyACA, our member-exclusive online networking community.  Every week, there are new discussions generated by members across the country that could impact your practice or your patients.
  • Be a part of ACA Engage, ACA’s annual meeting. No other event brings together an audience with the same authority as ACA.

Impact legislation with ACA.


Boost your career with ACA.

  • ACA is your advocate for chiropractic in the legislative system, working toward Medicare parity, expanded VA access, and broader scope of practice.

Save with ACA.

  • Our Member Advantage Program gives you access to ACA’s exclusive insurance program, various marketing and practice management services, clinic and office supplies, hotel discounts and more. 


We’ve raised our standards of membership, insisting on evidence-based care and working hand in hand with other health care professionals. It’s time to get on board. You can join today online or by dowloading and submitting a SACA application. 


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