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ACA Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

ACA offers membership opportunities to serve in a volunteer leadership role on its board of governors, various committees, task forces and advisory boards, as well appointments to outside organizations. Members are encouraged to submit an application for a position using one of the links below. The Nominating Committee seeks individuals who possess leadership competencies in communications, business acumen, leadership, chiropractic expertise and/or relationship management. Applicants must submit their application electronically through the virtual volunteer nomination application center.

Applying for a position on ACA’s Board of Governors

Board of Governors Description

ACA’s Board of Governors is composed of a president, vice president, three governors who are voting members, one public member and the executive vice president as corporate secretary who is a non-voting member. Every candidate, except the public member, is required to be an ACA member (including SACA) in continuous good standing for at least two years immediately preceding the election, hold an active chiropractic license in the chiropractic profession and be current in all financial obligations to ACA. The president and vice president are eligible to serve no more than two (2) consecutive one (1) year terms, and governors and the public member are eligible to serve no more than two (2) consecutive three (3) year terms.

ACA's Board of Governors' primary responsibility is to represent the best interests of the organization and assist in accomplishing the objectives, strategic plan and purposes of ACA. They hold at least four (4) meetings during a fiscal year to include the annual meeting (attendance is required at the annual meeting). The remaining three (3) meetings include virtual meetings at times and places deemed appropriate by the board, and additional meetings could be held at other times as requested by the president.

Board Member Application